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Smallimus is back with a brand new invention

22 Apr

What it’s been five goddamn months?

Yeah, I’ve not posted anything for a while. But least we forget:

“All human actions are equivalent and all are on principle doomed to failure”.

Jean-Paul Sartre (Two barrels of misery)

Boom! I just hit you with some philoso-fey, the thoughtful equivalent of soft Sci-fi. But, before I start congratulating myself with more YouTube videos about horses and a candlelit listen to Man 2 Man by Scotch while eating broken biscuits and pouring milk on my face, have this:

I’ve been hard at work. Obviously not on the blog, but I am at work on various projects (here is evidence). The rest of which I will say more about the closer we are to finishing them…

Which is a neat segway into The Brighton Fringe festival. I’ll be displaying some (attempted artistic-ish) pieces, see above, at the Brighton Fringe as part of the Waste of Space event along with the other members of C’lective. It’s from 5th – 27th May so come along, check it out, have a kiss, buy a dad, eat a pie, watch the sea and then leave all glad happy and rainbow pointing and mildly less ready to die.

They’ll definitely be more of this:

 I’ll be blogging again soon.


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